IFS3D: A 3D Iterated Function System Screen Saver for Mac OS X
version 2.0

Clouds of points which form into swirling shapes, and then explode into clouds again. Rotating, gear-like shapes twisting into new shapes. This is a screen saver which is hard to describe. So take a look at some more screen shots and imagine them twisting and distorting in unexpected ways. Note: the screen shots on those pages were taken with version 1.0.

Version 2.0 adds 2x-8x speed improvements, vastly improving the level of detail. Also, you can now select the animation speed (in frames per second) and IFS3D will draw the highest quality fractal possible at that frame rate.

If you have red/blue 3D glasses and have been waiting for a chance to use them, this is the screen saver for you! Put on the glasses and see the fractals in their full 3D glory.


File Size Contents
IFS3D_2.0.dmg.gz Download this one! 62,958 Bytes Binary, Compressed Disk Image
IFS3D_2.0.tgz 46,680 Bytes Binary, Gzipped tar
IFS3D_2.0-source.dmg.gz 64,990 Bytes Source, Compressed Disk Image
IFS3D_2.0-source.tgz 46,013 Bytes Source, Gzipped tar
Older versions
IFS3D_1.0.dmg 64,775 Bytes Binary, Disk Image
IFS3D_1.0-source.tar.gz 24,287 Bytes Source, Gzipped Tar

Copyright 2001, 2002 © David Leppik
Last updated April 2002