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Hug Line Permutation Strategies

This mathematical discovery may revolutionize UU worship forever!



A word game invented by Seebs, Jordan and me. Requires a computer, but it's not a video game. Jordan always wins.


IFS3D Screen Saver for Mac OS X

A little something I wrote while I was unemployed a little while ago.

Java Mandelbrot Generator

I've been poking at this off and on for a while, and I've made this a pretty reasonable way to view fractals from your web browser. The interface is still pretty simplistic, but I know of no other Mandelbrot Set generator which renders the set with equal precision without the user having to tinger with it.

Back in 1997 I wrote a little something to display fractals on a web page. The user interface is rather minimal, but it achieved its goal: a reasonably fast, despite using a language that detractors claimed was too slow. Original version

Mandelbrot Animation (Requires Java)

Shows the breadth of detail in the Mandelbrot Set by zooming out. Currently has a minor bug in that once it's done it jumps back and then zooms out again. But very pretty. The whole animation takes several minutes, depending on how fast your computer is.

L337 Translator

Makes text flickery and hard to read. For those who enjoy obfuscation, or just like to see words do strange things.


Watch this space. So far I've only uploaded this. Just don't watch too closely-- I'm not the fastest at page updates.


List of Links

I stopped keeping my bookmarks online around 1998, but you can take a look anyway. Please don't complain if the links don't work! :-P