Monthly Archives: March 2007


Ian is crawling now. He started all of a sudden on Saturday afternoon at 5:25 PM. It takes him a minute to go a foot or two, but at this point he’ll be getting better fast. He’s had all the moves for a while, but Saturday is when he put them together in a coordinated attempt to move forward. I was at my parents’ house for dinner, while Jordan was making a side-trip to buy a new camera. She called me from the store, and Ian crawled while I was on the phone.

In other news, the weather has been incredible. We had a record snow storm earlier this month, but yesterday it was 81 degrees. We haven’t had a day in the 70s yet. I rode my bike to work yesterday. It’s less than five miles, and the traffic isn’t too bad. It’s as if someone flipped the switch from “winter” to “spring” and suddenly there are birds, butterflies, and green shoots. At night you can hear the rustle of grass coming up. (At least that’s my best guess for the early-spring rustle; there aren’t enough insects out, and it goes silent after less than a week.)