Back from Unistar

The family’s back from a vacation at Camp Unistar, thus ending a busy month. I also went to Opus for the last time (I’ll be too old next year), which I left early so I could be home for Ian’s first birthday. (We had a small celebration, no guests. He wouldn’t appreciate a big party.) The following Monday morning at 3:30 I went to the airport to get to SpeechTEK, a conference where I was on booth duty for my company. I got back to town on Thursday (on an equally early flight) and was off on Saturday to Unistar. It seems I did nearly all my travel for the year in a single month.

While I was away at Opus, my father-in-law (one of the many Davids related to Jordan) came to visit and ended up landscaping the back yard. That plus a new fence makes a huge improvement to the yard– if you ignore the huge areas where the new grass hasn’t grown yet.

This coming month looks to be really busy too. Home life is always busy when you’ve got two kids, but work is starting to heat up. I’ve had it easy since Ian was born, but now there are three potential clients which have expressed interest in big projects, all of which would require custom (i.e. written by me) features. One of which might get kicked off this week. And there are a few more big projects coming down the pike that aren’t quite as urgent, as they don’t have paying customers behind them.

Ian got a lot of practice walking at Unistar. He’s now walking about a quarter of the time, and for as far as 10-20 feet.