Letter to congress

I don’t normally write to Congress, but I just sent the following to my representatives.

A few years ago, my son, then 18 month old, started having trouble breathing due to a rare and often misdiagnosed birth defect (a tracheal hemanioma.) Our doctor at first misdiagnosed it, but when he didn’t improve my wife decided to take him back for reassurance. We were told to take him to Children’s Hospital right away, and that saved his life. He had surgery and spent a week recovering in the ICU. It cost $130,000, which our insurance covered.

Every year, the cost of insurance goes up for the S-corporation where I am a partner. We wince at the cost, but remembering my son, we vow to never skimp on health insurance. We are the lucky ones.

Every year there are fewer lucky ones, as fewer businesses can afford to pay for health insurance, or be confident that the insurance will be there when it is needed. Compared with every other industrialized nation (and even many developing ones), our health care system is inefficient and barbaric. There’s a lot I don’t like about the current health care bill, but the status quo is unacceptable. Please pass the bill. It’s the right thing to do to support businesses, families, and individuals.