Letter to great grandchildren

Originally posted on Fri, 10/12/2012

I haven’t restored my old blog entries yet, but if you want to read about my Seventh Generation letter writing project, here’s a snapshot, courtesy of the Internet Archive, which includes a few related posts. I’m relying on the Internet Archive to keep online copies of the letters I write to my descendants, in case something should happen to the paper copies.

I wrote another letter this summer, this time to my great grandkids, and I’ve now put it here. It’s scrambled, so please don’t unscramble it unless you are visiting from sometime between 2080 and 2100 or so and it’s addressed to you. Or if people in your time don’t use HTML with Javascript anymore, you may update it for the appropriate recipients.

One fun thing I’ve done this year is take pictures of the Boggle game that my wife, Jordan, was playing with my mom while I was writing the letter. I haven’t posted them yet; I haven’t figured out how to scramble them. The idea is for my great grandkids to play Boggle against my relatives.