Visiting the Apple store

My new laptop has a sticky mouse button, so I went to the Apple Store at Ridgedale for repairs. A few thoughts:

  • The window display is a pair of mock iPhones made of of HDTVs on their side, which gives the impression of an impossibly high resolution display. If only real iPhones had that many pixels. Then again, it makes me wonder how they came up with the demo; the easy thing to do if you’re an Apple developer is to use a development version of the OS which supports that resolution. Then again, the marketing department might not be able to do that. But this is Apple, so you never know; The Steve might have personally commissioned the demo.
  • Tech support is at the so-called Genius Bar, with a young, hip employee who looks different from the other employees because his T-shirt says “genius” on it.
  • They had a 2-hour wait to get to the Genius Bar, but you can’t tell, because you sign up online. This was on a random Tuesday at a small Apple Store in a modest suburban mall.
  • It didn’t pay to show up a few minutes early for my appointment.
  • It does pay to wait in “standby,” especially if you have a quick question. Two people without reservations managed to squeeze in front of me, even though they were running late.
  • To verify that my mouse clicks smoothly, they needed a username and password, which is printed on your reciept and stored in their database. Fortunately, they were willing to take my guest account, even though the reciept says “admin.”